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Statement of Purpose

General Overview

Asprey Healthcare Ltd was formed in 2014 with its current Director having more than 25 years’ experience of owning and managing care establishments throughout England. Walton Park is the second home to be operated by the Company. The existing accommodation is for 35 elderly residents who require care support and may have a diagnosis of dementia related illness. It is envisaged that Asprey Healthcare will oversee an extension of the services in the near future and offer a fully refurbished care home that will provide a high level of quality, and individualised care for men and women up to and over the age of 65, all bedrooms have en-suite facilities.

Philosophy of Care

Our passion to create a caring environment draws on a feeling felt within – as well as a wealth of experience. We believe compassionate care requires building on our employees’ skills through teamwork and partnering, where we all strive together for the best results.

Our Residents have given to Society and paid their due – in return we believe ours is place them at the centre of all we do, caring for them with dignity and respect; a hallmark for the Asprey experience.

Statement of Values

The philosophy of care will be attained through the adoption of a set of central or core values, which underpin all aspects of the operation of the Home. These core values are Privacy, Dignity, Rights, Independence, Choice, Fulfilment, Safety, Respect, and Equality.

Staff members recognise the importance of privacy and dignity, and will actively promote these core values in the following way:

  • Encourage and support residents with the help of their advocates / family to personalise their rooms
  • By providing a safe place to live, for the storage of valuables, albeit that we advise not to keep highly valuable items of jewellery at the home.
  • Giving residents the opportunity to have privacy when receiving visitors, to be able to make and receive telephone calls, or opening and reading mail, and when consulting with Medical Officers
  • Securing all residents records and information, and respecting the confidentiality of those records. 
  • Promoting activities that encourage residents to express themselves as individuals .

The central aim of Walton Park is to provide unobtrusive care and to encourage residents to remain active and retain independence and dignity. Walton Park seeks to provide its residents with a pleasant and stimulating environment in which to live, socialise and enjoy the facilities on offer. Staff will not only encourage residents to be independent from a physical point of view, but will also enable residents to act and think independently and as an individual. This will be achieved through:

  • Maximising the opportunities for residents self-care
  • Encouraging residents with the help of their advocate / families to maintain financial independence.
  • Enabling residents to take reasonable and fully assessed risks.
  • Ensuring residents maintain links and contacts outside of the Home.
  • Giving all residents with the help of their advocate / families, the opportunity to contribute to the records of their own care programmes and to freely express their views on such programmes

Staff members recognise that every resident should have the opportunity to make informed choices regarding their lives. The Home will promote this freedom of choice in all aspects of daily operations, and facilitate choice to residents by:

  • Providing comprehensive information about the Home and the quality of services.
  • Provide regular Resident and Relative meetings where they will be able to express any concerns or promote ideas regarding the operation of the home.
  • Provide each resident with a contract of terms and conditions of the Home.
  • Conduct a full needs assessment prior to admission which also ensures that the admission criteria is met.
  • Provide a range of meals that residents can choose from and allow them to decide where and when they consume the food from the choice available.
  • Continually offer a range of social and leisure activities

Asprey prides itself on providing our residents with the opportunity to live a full life with as minimum restriction as possible whilst ensuring a safe environment. However, there may come a time when colour coding fixtures and fittings to assist with personal care. Should any Resident require additional items of equipment to assist with their daily care needs, these will be provided for by Asprey Healthcare. The company reserves the right to pass on at cost price expensive items of equipment such as colour coded grab rails and WC seats.

Building and the Gardens

Walton Park is a purpose-built care home constructed in 1987 and redeveloped in 2022/2023.

The home is constructed on two floors.

There are a total of 35 newly refurbished rooms for use by residents staying permanently or on respite. As of spring/summer 2023, the refurbished home will provide nursing and residential care for up to 65 residents.

All rooms have an en-suite shower & WC.

All rooms meet the minimum size standard for occupancy by a single person.

There are refurbished assisted bathrooms.

The home is level access throughout and two passenger lifts are provided, one at each end of the building.

The home is equipped with a Fire Alarm System.

The home is equipped with a state-of-the-art Call Bell System which incorporates PIR sensors in resident rooms; staff are provided with key cards for use when accessing rooms and providing support.  This improves safety and governance. The same system provides access control for visitors to the home.

Currently the home is provided with 2 dining rooms and 2 family sized lounges with views over the gardens.

On the first floor there is an activities room.

All external doors are via a key code entry system. Doors not under direct observation of staff are alarmed. Visitor access is controlled by staff.

The kitchen and laundry are being refurbished and extended to meet the needs of the 65-bed home.

Walton Park will have pleasant safe and sensory gardens to the rear of the building that will be easily accessed by residents and the building is surrounded by gardens providing a pleasant setting.

Walton Park has mobile hoists plus other aids to mobility to help in the safe and comfortable moving and handling of residents who have been assessed as needing this assistance.

Aims and Objectives

It is the objective of Walton Park to provide care to all residents to a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of good practice, and that this may be witnessed and evaluated through the practice, conduct, and control of quality care in the Home. It is a fundamental ethos that those residents receiving care at the Home should be able to do so in accordance with the Homes Statement of Values.

It is the objective of the Home that all residents receiving care do so in a clean and safe environment and be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs.

The aims of the Home are therefore as follows:

  • To deliver a service of the highest quality that will improve and sustain the resident’s overall quality of life.
  • To ensure that care services are delivered flexibly, attentively, and in a non-discriminatory fashion while respecting each service users right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfilment, and the rights to make informed choices and to take risks.
  • To ensure that each resident needs and values are respected in terms of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexuality and sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, parenthood and disabilities or impairments.
  • To ensure that the care service and treatment programmes are delivered in accordance with agreed contracts of care.
  • To manage and implement a formal programme of staff planning, selection, recruitment, training, and personal development to enable the needs of individual resident to be met.
  • To manage the care service efficiently and effectively to make the best use of resources and to maximise value for money for the resident or the purchasing authority.
  • To ensure all residents receive written information on the Homes procedure for handling complaints, comments, and compliments and how to use it.

Management Structure

The Home Manager will be supported by the Director of Asprey Healthcare Ltd, Philip Connell, who has over 25 years experience as Proprietor and Director of a group of care homes. He is supported by Alison Worms, Operations Director who has over 30 years’ experience in the care sector and senior Management. Alison has been a RM/Director within care environments for the last seven years and specialised on turnaround management for broken nursing services.

Alison holds varying clinical qualifications, train the trainer and an NVQ level 5 in health and social care. Alison   is the Responsible Individual and is the conduit between the director and the Home Manager making sure that the care pathway is fulfilled and compliance is maintained. 

The Home is managed by Anya Pelling (interim) who has worked as a senior and Deputy Manager at our sister home for six years. Anya is supported by Alison Worms.

The home has a team of qualified and experienced staff, led by our Interim Home Manager, with a Care staff team who will have either attained or are striving to attain an Diploma in care.

On call rota is in place over a twenty-four-hour period. All pre-admission assessments are carried out by the Management.

Asprey Healthcare Limited

CQC Provider ID: 1-1371750685

Business Address: Walton Park Care Home, 40 Severn Drive, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 3BH

Head Office: Smallbrook Care Home, Suffolk Close, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7DU.

Director:  Philip Connell email:

Responsible Individual:  Alison Worms ; 01932 221770 email:

Interim Home Manager:  Anya Pelling ; 01932 221170 email:

The Company’s web site:


The number of staff on duty is dependent on the number and needs of the residents in occupancy.

Walton Park has a very loyal group of staff many of whom have worked within the home for a number of years. They are therefore very experienced in their various roles. The majority of care staff hold care qualifications and all senior staff hold qualifications appropriate to their posts.

Walton Park prides itself in its training programme and in addition to formal qualifications; all staff receive training applicable to the roles they perform.

Resident Outcomes

Through our Resident Satisfaction Surveys we actively encourage involvement and comments or suggestions on the operations of the Home from Residents and their families.

Throughout the length of stay at the Home, residents with the help of their advocates / families are consulted regularly regarding the care they receive and Plans of Care, Risk Assessments and other therapeutic interventions are planned and implemented with the residents consent or if this is not possible after discussion with the care team in conjunction with the family GP, and the involvement where appropriate of the residents relatives. These are always available and are kept in the care team stations for ease of updating. For residents admitted for High Dependency Care who may be unable to communicate their needs or views, we actively encourage relative and/or advocate involvement.

The Multi-disciplinary Team

Medical and Health services are provided through an arrangement with our local General Practitioners who will visit as required to discuss medical and health concerns that the team have of individual residents.

Social and Leisure Needs

The social and leisure needs of residents will be met by our new Activities Lifestyle Co-ordinator who starts on 21.11.2022. The range of activities planned for the Home is always displayed on the Visitors notice board and website. Religious Ministers may visit the Home on a regular basis if required. If your faith is not represented by one of our visiting clergies, please contact the Home Manager who may be able to make alternative arrangements. The local Church also welcomes residents from the Home to attend their services in person.

Trial Visits / Respite Stay to the Home

We actively encourage prospective residents and their families to visit the Home prior to admission. By arrangement prospective residents may enjoy a meal at the Home. It may not be appropriate for certain service users, particularly those being admitted for High Dependency Care to visit the Home prior to admission, due to their complex medical needs and the logistics of arranging such a short visit. In these circumstances, we would actively encourage family members to view the Home. The first six weeks of a new placement are regarded as a trial period, and following this period a review will be held to ensure the placement is suitable. During this period a best interest meeting between the Manager and family is deemed good practice to iron out any issues should they arise.


Our Current basic fee for a bed at Walton Park ranges from £1400 per week and are dependency based. These fee ranges will be weighted upon care needs of each individual, and is subject to an assessment made by the Manger in the form of a Costed Care Plan and an Agreement of Terms will be required. We ask for a deposit, payable prior to admission to the Home equal to one week’s fees.

Fees are payable monthly in advance, and our finance department will invoice you directly. Residents whose placements are funded by either the Primary Care Trust or Social Services will not be invoiced. Fees are fully inclusive of all care, accommodation, full board, personal laundry, and activities. Hairdressing, newspaper, chiropody, dry cleaning and items of a personal nature, where required are not included in these fees.

Room sizes

Our room size varies from but meets the statutory requirements. All rooms are single with en suite facilities.

Meal Times

The Meal times currently are as follows:



Breakfast is served

0800 – 1000 hrs

Lunch is served

1300 hrs

Afternoon Tea

1530 hrs

Supper is served

1730 hrs

Evening refreshments

2000 hrs

The above meal times are for guideline purposes, drinks are provided throughout the day and evening with fresh water being available at all times. Snacks and fresh fruit are also available throughout the day and night staff can provide basic food items during the night should residents require it. A meal time host is available in our larger Claremont suite for breakfast and lunch.

Monitoring and Quality

Walton Park has Policies and Procedures in place to ensure that the residents get the very best care possible. The home has various systems in place to ensure that close monitoring is maintained on all of the Home’s services including yearly auditing of all policies and procedures.

Social Interaction

An important part of our programme is to involve the residents, their relatives and our outside professionals. We regularly ask for ‘feedback’ on the Home, the staff and the service we provide. We hope by doing this that we can continue to provide the highest standard of care possible.


If a Resident, relative or visitor feels that there is cause for complaint, you should first discuss the matter with the Home Manager. The Home takes any complaint seriously, however if you feel that your complaint has not been resolved and you remain dissatisfied, you can record the complaint in the Complaints Register, which is available at the reception. A full investigation will be made into the complaint and you will be informed of the outcome within 28 days after the date the complaint was made. If you feel that the complaint requires senior management input, contact with Alison Worms, Operations Director should be made or if it is of a serious nature and you wish to speak to a higher authority, then you should contact the Care Quality Commission at any time at the following address;

CQC National Customer Service Centre




NE1 4PA Tel: 03000 616161

Opening times are between 8.30am – 5.30pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Copies of the Statement of Purpose are available for Residents and their families, and other external Healthcare Professionals involved with residents in the Home.

Please see the Home Manager for additional copies.